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What is the career path for a verification engineer?

The only question right now is, what is your goal as a (verification) engineer? Goal thinkers have a specific goal they want to achieve. A goal could be a salary of x dollar or euro. A different goal, for example, is verification lead or verification architect. Something like that. I started with ASIC verification a few decades back. And I was a goal thinker...

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ASIC verification series: both sides of the story

I’m still on both sides of the coin, after over two decades of ASIC design. Hiring and being hired. And both are not always pleasant experiences. Hiring is hard, getting a role is hard as well. We are all individuals, and individuals have an ego. Sometimes it is just the use of a particular word. Or an opinion that triggers the ego to roar its ugly head. Esp...

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Lean Mean Verification Machine: Appetite For Destruction (*)

We all have this inner urge to destroy, isn’t it? Not by default. We are good people, right? It definitely needs a trigger. Some alcohol could do the trick. Or after a bad night of sleep combined with some major setback. Or Saturn lines up with the moon while Venus plays online chess with Mars. This primal instinct is important for the verification engineer....

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What are your best ASIC Verification interview questions?

ASIC verification is about verifying the design under test. Hence the experience should not really cover, design, synthesis, STA, DFT, just when it touches verification . You can ask questions related to this but that would be extra experience, a verification engineer verifies. To find out if a verification engineer is junior or senior, you let him or her ta...

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What is the difference between an ASIC designer and an ASIC verification engineer?

What is an ASIC designer? A digital VLSI engineer starts his or her career usually as a verification resource. Verification exposes you to the HDL language. Hardware description languages like VHDL and verilog. The difference in syntax between behavioural code and RTL implementations is important. Because, the designation "RTL" (register transfer level) mean...

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