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Careers in VLSI: who gets the best salary?

Analog, mixed-signal or digital design engineer? None of them get paid what they are worth. Let’s be clear about that. And this is good nor bad, it is the way it is. The stoic does not attach an opinion to an observation. Furthermore the skills for hardware engineers are quite specific and hard to find. Especially if we compare ourselves versus our nemesis...

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Which field of dVLSI has more demand: RTL or verification?

Let’s quickly go through the terminology here: ASIC and FPGA An ASIC is an "Application Specific IC", a chip specifically designed for a specific purpose. An FPGA is a "Field Programmable Gate Array". In essence, it is an ASIC but extra wiring and logic allows you to reconfigure the FPGA to contain a digital circuit over and over again. Both types of chips n...

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dVLSI career: should I go for front-end or back-end positions in ASIC design?

(*) dVLSI is short for digital VLSI. First, let's assume the old school "career" is still a thing for the coming decade. Second, let's assume you are not defining growth as the vertical rise in a big company. Before you say anything, becoming a manager, director and VP is commendable. Because, shit always runs downhill, it is smart to be on the top of the hi...

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What is the job content of a junior (fresh graduate) digital VLSI design engineer?

The three musketeers were actually four, did you know that? D'Artagnan, Athos, Aramis, and Porthos. Yeah, I googled that. Busted. Soit. Like the three musketeers, HDL code comes in two forms most designers can come up with. There is a third form, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The FIRST Now, a recently graduated engineer will not touch any RTL design ...

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What are your best ASIC Verification interview questions?

ASIC verification is about verifying the design under test. Hence the experience should not really cover, design, synthesis, STA, DFT, just when it touches verification . You can ask questions related to this but that would be extra experience, a verification engineer verifies. To find out if a verification engineer is junior or senior, you let him or her ta...

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Three reasons to choose a freelancer over an employee

You need to hire a new resource for your project. What would be the important considerations? Cost? Quality? Cost versus quality? Would you hire a freelancer? Or would you hire an employee? Would you choose an employee over a freelancer because that is cheaper? Let's do a comparison and find out. 1) Cost comparison of a new resource We need to compare apples...

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