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What are the differences and similarities between FPGA, ASIC and a Microcontroller?

What is an ASIC? An ASIC, an application specific IC or chip is targeted towards a use case (or use cases). It means it is specifically designed functionality which can be sold in high volume. An ASIC consists of analog and/or digital functionality c...

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What is the difference between an ASIC designer and an ASIC verification engineer?

What is an ASIC designer? A digital VLSI engineer starts his or her career usually as a verification resource. Verification exposes you to the HDL language. Hardware description languages like VHDL and verilog. The difference in syntax between behavi...

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What is VLSI? Very Large Scale Integration = analog and digital design for integrated circuits by combining transistors into analog or digital functionality. There are pure analog chips, pure digital chips and mixed-signal chips. First of all, analog...

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