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I always enjoyed writing, but my current journey started in September 2017 with writing on Quora. Credit where credit is due, I unexpectedly received a message in 2018 that I got a top writer badge on Quora. And looking back at my initial writing, perhaps only related to the niche topics VLSI and semiconductors, that was a surprise. So surprising, that it ke...

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Xilinx dVLSI remote FPGA design

There is no technical reason to be physically present for 100% of the time for FPGA work. (I am not affiliated with any brand mentioned below) As a poor lonesome dVLSI engineer, I wanted to control my dev boards from a distance. Hence, I hooked up a Raspberry Pi and a cheap RF transmitter to be able to send out click on/off commands. I still use it today, th...

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What are the differences and similarities between FPGA, ASIC and a Microcontroller?

What is an ASIC? An ASIC, an application specific IC or chip is targeted towards a use case (or use cases). It means it is specifically designed functionality which can be sold in high volume. An ASIC consists of analog and/or digital functionality connected to the pads of the chip. These pads are connected via bond wires to the pins visible outside a chip ....

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